Artichokes in Oil


Artichokes in Oil: Great on Their Own or to Flavor Your Salads. Only the Freshest Artichokes end up in our Glass Jars. The oil in which they are preserved is produced directly by Frantoio Bartolomei, and you can use it confidently. A truly healthy and tasty product, excellent as a side dish and/or appetizer.

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Artichokes in Oil for Appetizer or Side Dish

The process is exactly what you do at home.

Carefully selected young artichokes, briefly blanched in water, with decolorized vinegar, white wine, and some aromatic herbs. Then, they are hand-packaged with great patience, ensuring only the best goes into the jar. Extra virgin olive oil does the rest. So much simplicity for exceptional goodness.

We recommend them as a side dish for various main courses, as an appetizer, a delicious snack, or as an ingredient for special and rich salads.

And don’t forget that they are preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. After finishing the artichokes, you can also use the oil from the jar. It will be a great starting point for your recipes or an excellent finishing touch.

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A modest price for a superior quality product, thanks to the excellent oil in which they are preserved.

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280gr – Jar