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The New Olive Oil Festival


It's the Festival of
New Oil

Among the gentle hills of Umbria, in Montecchio, the days dedicated to the new extra virgin olive oil return every year in November.
A unique opportunity to learn about the culture of Oil, taste specialities, rediscover the oldest traditions and spend unforgettable days in the setting of Frantoio Bartolomei, where everything speaks of nature and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

giorni dell'olio

Delicious menus, the oil mill in operation and the real bruschetta. It’s just a taste of what awaits you on the weekends dedicated to the celebration of New Oil.

It is a happiness made of simple things, traditional flavors and evocative landscapes with the true protagonist: the New Olive Oil Bartolomei. 


The warmth is that of a family that talks about its profession.

This is why the faces are those of Sofia and Pietro, two of the new young people of Casa Bartolomei who, in their own way, help the harvest operations 😉

This year there will be a simple but tasty à la carte menu to welcome you.

You will be free to choose what you prefer seasoned with a drizzle of New Oil to make your dish simply special!

The edition takes place from October 28th to November 26th with the following times:

From Monday to Thursday 9am-1pm; 3pm -7pm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday non-stop 10am-7pm & Lunch with à la carte menu from 12pm to 4pm!


Book your table and choose from our A La Cart Menù, simple dishes that with a little bit of oil became very special and tasty.


Given the many requests we decided to replicate the evening “DINNER WITH NEW OIL” with an ADDITIONAL DATE Saturday 11 November. 🎉🍽️
Hurry to book your table! 🏃‍♂️📅


Saturday 11 November the typical lunch is SOLD OUT