Extra virgin olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil

Buy our extra virgin olive oil. Bring the flavor of EVO oil to your table with its variations. On our shop you will find the best Umbrian oils produced by Frantoio Bartolomei for sale.

Extra virgin olive oil

Our EVO oil is among the finest in Umbria, delight your palate with:

Available formats

You can buy Frantoio Bartolomei oil online in various formats from:

  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 750 ml bottle
  • 1 lt bottle
  • 250 ml can
  • 500 ml can
  • 1 lt can
  • 2 lt can
  • 3 lt can
  • 5 lt can

Why buy it online on this site

Buy online and receive the extra virgin olive oil produced by Frantoio Bartolomei directly at home. Our oils are among the best in the Umbria region and have often received high-level awards and recognition.

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Discover our timed offers; follow our site so you can check promotion periods and periods in which shipping may be free.

Properties and benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Health also comes through the choice of a good extra virgin olive oil because its properties are truly a healthy touch for keeping the body in shape.

EVO oil has truly extraordinary essential properties that give it a unique and particular flavor and above all it contains everything you need for the prevention of numerous diseases such as: heart attack, stroke, various types of tumors.

For example, monounsaturated fatty acids protect the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Umbrian extra virgin olive oil also contains polyphenols which serve not only to prevent cancer but are also an elixir of youth because they slow down the aging of cells . Those who suffer from memory disorders should take EVO oil from Umbria because polyphenols are also a valid help in this sense.

Extra virgin olive oil also contains vitamin E. This type of vitamin serves to protect the vascular system and therefore the walls of the capillaries become stronger. The benefits are therefore notable in terms of prevention from diseases such as thrombosis.

The skin also benefits from the use of extra virgin olive oil because it contains a particular substance, squalene, which acts as a defensive tower against UV rays and other agents that attack the skin and make it risk. In fact, squalene reduces the risk of contracting skin cancer or developing allergies due to the use of detergents.

Umbrian oil is used in cosmetics to make skin care creams.