Evo Oil Cosmetics

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Evo Oil Cosmetics

Discover our line of cosmetics with extra virgin olive oil for the care of dry and sensitive skin.

Extra virgin olive oil also has beneficial properties for the skin and was used centuries, if not millennia ago as beauty treatments by the Egyptians, Arabs and Phoenicians.

The greatest benefit is the softness and shine it gives to the skin and hair, but not only! The squalene contained in extra virgin olive oil is an ally in the prevention of skin cancer and therefore creams based on EVO oil are an ally for preventive purposes.

Bartolomei Evo oil cosmetics line

The extra virgin olive oil cosmetics produced in the Bartolomei Frantoio are ideal for all those people who love taking care of their body in a natural, effective and simple way.

Our olive oil body products

The Frantoio produces a series of cosmetic products dedicated to skin care with Umbrian EVO oil.

Body line

Face line


For the hands

The benefits of EVO oil cosmetics

Cosmetics and creams based on extra virgin olive oil are excellent for:

  • hydrate the skin and make it less prone to redness
  • nourish the skin and enrich it with sebum-like fatty acids.

Evo oil also contains many essential vitamins to prevent skin aging and dehydration. Cosmetics with olive oil are effective not only on the skin but also on the hair and strengthen keratin of the nails.

cosmetics with olive oil are a real panacea for the beauty and health of the skin also because their composition is very similar to the skin’s typical sebum, which is why those with particularly delicate and sensitive skin or very dry can only benefit from it.

Buy cosmetics made with one of the best EVO oils from Umbria online.