Roasted Artichokes in Oil


Roasted artichokes in oil, preserved in jars with excellent olive oil produced in our Olive Press, are what you need to enhance your salads and create tasty appetizers.

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Artichokes roasted in oil

Our grilled and preserved artichokes in jars with excellent extra virgin olive oil will surprise you with their goodness.

If you enjoy the distinctive taste of grilled vegetables, our roasted artichokes will delight you. The flavor is unmistakable because they are young artichokes, and once grilled, they acquire a unique and special taste.

They are perfectly crispy.


The best way to enjoy them is to cut them in half and place them on slices of roasted polenta, but of course, you can unleash your creativity by creating tasty appetizers, salads, and other dishes.

The oil used is of excellent quality, and you can safely use it once you have finished the jar.

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280gr – Jar