Tour of Umbria to discover extra virgin olive oil

A memorable day

Are you planning your tour of Umbria? Why not include an extra virgin olive oil tour in the hills of Montecchio? Carla, Rita and Pierluigi Bartolomei will accompany you to discover the history and secrets of a unique EVO oil. We will reveal everything you need to know about the cultivation of olive trees, about the various types of fruit processing.

Your tour in Umbria will have a different flavor also thanks to our oil tasting itineraries that accompanies appetizers and various typical dishes of our land directly in the Bartolomei Frantoio.


Montecchio: magical location

When you embark on your tour in the Umbrian region remember to make a stop in Montecchio, a medieval village, perched on the Umbrian Apennines and nestled among hills quilted with olive trees, where time flows in unison with the rhythm of nature. The colors and flavors are authentic and inspire the genuine soul of the locals. Here you can find yourself and appreciate an authentic, primordial, uncontaminated serenity and it is right here that you can have an unforgettable experience by visiting our Frantoio.


Three proposals for
the best palates

Umbria has always been a region with deep peasant roots and ancient culinary traditions. You will be able to get to know and savor the aromas of our cuisine in the Tasting Room. Each of our dishes goes perfectly with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil varieties. Let yourself be inspired, intoxicated by smells and flavors that you will not forget; live an experience that is difficult to repeat.


A passion with
ancient roots

A story as old and secret as the world! Discover it with us by visiting the Oil Museum in the Bartolomei Oil Mill. A cultural experience that will make you appreciate the precious extra virgin olive oil even more.


The best moments
of your life

Choose the charm of a different, almost sacred place to celebrate and immortalize your special moments. In Frantoio Bartolomei we create your ideal location to celebrate events and ceremonies.