The days of new oil

Every year, in the softly rolling Umbrian hills not far from the splendid city of Orvieto, the days devoted to the arrival of the new extra-virgin olive oil roll around. For those who wish to couple tourism and good food, it is a unique occasion to learn about the culture of olive oil, enjoy typical delicacies, rediscover traditional games and pass unforgettable days in the magic setting of the “Old Bartolomei Olive Orchard and Mill”.

Discovering the true taste of olive oil

The simple age-old taste of “bruschetta”, (pronounced broosketta), a slice of unsalted bread toasted over the coals and drenched in the new olive oil. The opaque green oil, right from the mill, with the bitter fragrance of fresh-picked olives that tickles your taste buds.
But before long the original essence of fresh new extra-virgin oil vanishes. These fleeting moments of taste are to be savored, and fortunately reappear every year when the olive press begins its work, accompanied by the slow deep sound of the turning millstones, and opens its doors to visitors.


The event generally lasts 8 days (from one Sunday to the next) with gastronomic itineraries:

LET YOURSELF BE CARRIED AWAY – Guided visit to the culture of olive oil (guided tour of the Museum and the mill with demonstrations of the productive cycle)

TASTING DAYS – Discovering the New Oil (and other typical specialties) proposes days devoted to recreation and tasting

GAMES & TASTING – Traditional games and tasting Free (a day of games, animation and entertainment for all children)

OLIVES AND ART – An encounter between nature and creativity (art exhibitions and mini-courses for the demonstration and learning of the basic art techniques)


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