Extra virgin olive oil



Produced according to the family’s traditional methods of oil-making, Bartolomei’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is dedicated to all those of you who appreciate natural, healthy cooking, as adding it to your dishes will help you to follow the world-famous Mediterranean diet. The essence of the olives themselves together with fresh, grassy notes can be detected in its delightful fragrance and delicate flavour. This oil is perfect uncooked in salads, soups, dressings for crudités or on bruschetta and also to subtly exalt the flavours of cooked dishes.
Perfect with the stronger flavours of richer food, but just as good for the more delicate flavours of lighter dishes.

Packaging :

Square Dark Glass Bottles of 0,250, 0,50, and 1 litre

Cylindrical dark glass bottle of 0,250 and 0,500 litre

Rectangular cans of 0,250, 0,500, 1, 2, 3, and 5 litres

Cylindrical cans of 0,500, and 0,750 litres

Transparent glass bottle 0,250 lt

Cube transparent glass bottle 0,250 lt