Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P.
Hills of Orvieto



Production area: Montecchio (Terni) Umbria
Altitude: 435 meters above sea level.
Olive Varieties: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino
Soil Type: Rocky
Harvest: Middle of October by mechanical instruments
Processing: After being washed in water the temperature of the ambient air, the olives are pressed by a special machine called “frangitore” after which the pulp is mixed in order to refine it further. It is then squeezed to extract the liquid composed of water and oil. Special stainless steel separators, exploiting the difference in weight between oil and water, extract the final product – extra-virgin olive oil. COLD PRESSED
Yield: 16,5% approx.
Use in cooking: Preferably used uncooked.
Flavour: Slightly fruity, perfect balance between peppery and sweet.
Notes It is superb if used to make bruschetta (toasted Italian bread made with garlic and olive oil) or in other dishes which requiring uncooked oil , allowing you to fully appreciate its fruity yet delicate flavour achieved thanks to an extremely low acid content.

Packaging :

Dark Glass Bottles of 0,250 lt , 0,500 lt, and 0,750 lt

Square Cans of 0,250, 0,500, and 3 litres.

Transparent bottle 0,250 lt

Transparent cube bottle 0,250 lt