The History

Bartolomei mill was started around the end of the 19th century. It grew out of the strong relationship which has always connected the family with the production of oil. First to have its own mill in Montecchio, in fact, the Bartolomei family introduced in time small technological revolutions that allowed the growth and success until this very day.

In 1909, the first revolution i.e. the substitution of an iron press screw in place of a wooden one which easily wore out and slowed the process down. In 1946 we installed a new type of high-pressure olive press which allowed us to obtain in a single pressing the same amount of oil as we did previously with several pressings. Dated 1988, the first continuous system pressing.Maintaining unchanged the initial phase with stone mills old , throughout the subsequent processing of pressing is entrusted to the new technology of the time. In the recent 2012 Innovation: ” MOLINOVA Gold system”. A precision jewel, avant-garde and quality.


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