Bartolomei mill was started around the end of the 19th century. It grew out of the strong relationship which has always connected the family with the production of extra virgin oil. Today all stages of production and management is entrusted to Carla, Rita and Pierluigi, sisters and brother, who respect with passion the traditions and knowledge passed on to them by their parents.


Frantoio Bartolomei is not just Olive Oil, come and discover our products. All made in Umbria.


Old vintage machinery and tools, and one of the rarest examples of the sixteenth century press.

Oil shop

In the center of Orvieto, a meeting point to share and spread the culture of oil.

The Days of New Olive Oil

A unique opportunity for those who like to combine tourism and good food, the discovery of oil civilization.


Discover all the benefits of olive oil
for our health and well-being.


Discover the recipes of the Umbrian tradition.



Olivo mio - adopt your olive oil